Tips to correct problems with this site.


Many problems with websites not displaying correctly are due to incorrect Internet Explorer cache settings and page refresh options.

Before trying the procedure below try pressing the F5 key several times whilst in Internet Explorer.

Firstly close all instances of Internet Explorer or whichever Internet browser you are using (except AOL's own browser).

In Control Panel (Start - Settings - Control Panel)....

or the Internet Settings icon.....

......and you'll see this window.

Click the Delete Cookies and Delete Files (no need to delete downloaded content when prompted as below), clicking OK at the prompts to delete.

Next click the Settings button and you'll see these options.

The Default settings are 'Automatically' but you could change to 'Every visit to the page' (OK for Broadband users but perhaps not for Modem Dial-up users as this will slow up the page loading process quite a bit).

Whilst in these options also click the 'View Files' button. If there are any files left in here (having clicked the Delete files button earlier) then select all of the files and delete them. (Tip:- to select all files click one file then press and hold the CTRL button then press the A key. let go the CTRL key and press the Del key).